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Campus and Student Life

Living on Campus

One of the best ways to experience Lawrence Technological University is to live on campus. University Housing provides so much more than just a room in which to sleep and study. It fosters an environment designed to support you academic, social, cultural and person goals. Remember to head out to the Pointe or over to Don Ridler Field House for all of your LTU Athletic contests. 

Active Student Life

Some 102 clubs and professional organizations are active on campus. Students who are interested in starting a club based on a career, a hobby, or any other interest can find out how by contacting the Student Activities office. Various professional and honor societies schedule activities and bring together students who have the same interests. The campus newspaper, Tech News, welcomes student contributions. The student government at Lawrence Tech involves students at many levels, including the Student Senate, or as a member of a committee. Nine fraternities and sororities have chapters on campus. Greek organizations on campus aim to provide members with leadership, scholarship, friendship, and service opportunities. Greek life also provides an ongoing support system to help students achieve their personal and professional goals. The Inter-fraternal Council coordinates and communicates the activities of the Greek-letter social organizations on campus.

Our Campus

Lawrence Tech's 120-acre campus includes modern academic buildings, computer facilities, a library, dining commons, full-service recreational field house, student housing, and more! Even though Lawrence Tech is located in one of the busiest suburban cities in the Detroit metropolitan area, our attractive and serene campus is set apart from the urban hustle and bustle. Most visitors are pleasantly surprised to find park-like surroundings with expansive lawns and mature trees. We also have plenty of free parking in secure, lighted lots.